The Skill Connect initiative of BCC is part of the government’s plan to create 30,000 direct and 120,000 indirect jobs in the IT and ITES companies in Bangladesh. There are 4 key stakeholders who are driving this initiative.


For the graduates who would get selected and qualify for this fully-funded, government program, it will be a career shaping and life transforming opportunity. Not only will they get to learn from qualified trainers and interact with industry leaders, they will receive a recognised certificate if they qualify the certification examinations and meet the strict attendance requirements. Since the programs are employment linked, the programs will open up national and international career opportunities to the graduates post these programs.


These programs, delivered in the universities and academic institutions, complement their efforts by providing industry-aligned top-up or finishing modules for the graduates certified thereby enhancing their employment opportunities. The selected faculty members from the universities and academic institutions would be trained locally and internationally and certifies thereby enhancing their institutional capacity.

Certification Agencies

The identified certification agencies are a key stakeholder for these programs because they enhance the skill portability of the graduates through their widely recognised accreditation and help maintain quality standards for the program.

Sector Associations and Employers

The industry leaders, sector association and employers in particular and the industry in general are among the key stakeholders for these programs at all their stages. They contribute to shaping the programs and are among its largest beneficiary from the trained, certified and industry ready professional the program shall prepare. This supply of talent will be one of the catalysts for the industrial growth.

The Government Agencies

The government and its agencies associated with the program and the IT/ITES sectors shall be the sponsors for the program. They shall also be facilitating its successful execution by supporting the implementation agencies. This shall be a key component of government agenda on IT/ITES led economic growth.